Center For Women and Families

Center For Women and Families

Info for The Center For Women and Families

Emotional Safety

  • know that you are not alone
  • keepsakes that help you feel safe
  • who can you talk to?  Therapist, friend, preacher, advocate, etc.
  • healthy boundaries
  • limit contact with the abuser
  • “No” means “no”

Safety Planning for/with Children

  • Safety route and safe place to go
  • Code words
  • who can children call
  • teach them about 911
  • educate
  • talk to schools and day cares
  • safety plan with them
  • not their fault

Any questions, call The Center for Women and Families

Crisis Line:

502-581-7222 or

(toll free) 1-844-BE-SAFE-1 (24/7 Confidential)


Bullitt County Office: 502-538-0212

Shelby County Office: 502-633-7800

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