FloodPlain News

FloodPlain News

What ls the City of Shepherdsville doing about the floodplain?

Mayor Ellis, the City Council, and the Staff of the City of Shepherdsville have been working diligently to combat the newly proposed floodplain in Bullitt County.

Attacking the Maps

We have now identified four separate appeals that as a City we’ll be submitting to the Kentucky Division of Water to illustrate the deficiencies we have discovered with the model, approach, and analysis when creating the maps. New appeals are continuing to be explored and drafted as we find other perspectives to influence the proposed mapping.

Mitigating our Risk

We have submitted to the Army Corp of Engineers drafts of two Letters of Intent that are asking for assistance with design and implementation of Flood Mitigation and the associated studies to reduce the floodplain in Shepherdsville. A project strategy meeting was held with personnel at Ft. Knox with the results of identification of multiple potential flood basin areas on Ft. Knox property. We are continuihg to explore multiple avenues for grants and financial assistance to help fund our mitigation needs. We have already had multiple meetings with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss our options and opportunities.

Reducing our Insurance Premiums

We have begun discussions with the statewide National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP} coordinator about enrolling -City of Shepherdsville into the Community Rating System (CRS} to gain an insurance percentage reduction for all of Shepherdsville’s residents that pay or will pay flood insurance.

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