KY 44 Sewer Improvements Lakeview Drive to Maple Street

KY 44 Sewer Improvements Lakeview Drive to Maple Street

In an effort to improve the aging sewer system along Hwy 44 East, the City of Shepherdsville has awarded a contract to ConnHurst, LLC for the construction of the Hwy 44 Sewer Improvements Project. The work will consist of removing the existing 8” sewer and replacing with a new 12” PVC sewer along Hwy 44 from Centerview Drive to Maple Street. The existing sewer in this area is located along the south side of Hwy 44 near the sidewalk in the public right of way. In order to install the new sewer the contractor will need to remove the sidewalk and dig up and replace the old sewer. With this project the existing sewer west of Centerview Drive that is currently located under the pavement in Hwy 44 will be abandoned. A new sewer will be constructed in an easement parallel with Hwy 44 that connects to the existing sewer in Lakeview Drive.

The contractor is currently ordering materials for the project and preparing to begin construction. Construction will begin after school is out and continue through November. The majority of the work will be completed before school is out, with restoration and final clean up to be completed this fall.

When working in front of your property you may experience minor inconveniences such as access to your driveway and disruptions to your sewer service. The contractor will have steel plates on hand to allow access to your driveway and will inform you if his work will affect your sewer service.

The construction inspector for the project is Eddie Heinsohn. He will be on site daily and will be your first point of contact if you have any questions concerning the construction of the project.

If you have questions or concerns with regards to the project, please do not hesitate to contact the project representatives, below:

Construction Inspector:

Eddie Heinsohn
(502) 271-9992

Qk4 Project Manager:

Neal Crawford, P.E.

Shepherdsville Public Utility Director:

Scott Fleming


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