Fire Department

The city is currently rated at a Five.

Firefighter Jodi Hart is our public education/relations officer. If you would like to set up a tour for your scout group or a class of children from one of the local schools, please call for an appointment.

The first step is to fill out an application and submit it to us. A prospective member needs to be in good health. They must not have any problems that would prevent him/her from performing the tasks that a firefighter is required to do. A background check is performed on each prospective firefighter.

The Shepherdsville Fire Department has an explorer program (Post 92) for those who are at least 14 years of age who would like to learn about firefighting. Feel free to contact us. All recruit firefighters must be 18. Driver/engineers must be 21.

The easiest answer is personnel. We have a standard response for regular runs, such as mitigations and EMS assists, which would normally consist of only an engine company. However, runs to a structure fire require a tremendous amount of manpower and equipment. Only four firefighters normally ride out on an engine company. So even if we do not need the truck or the equipment on it, we still need the truck to transport the personnel.

Police Department

Obviously, this depends on why you are calling. Here are some common contacts:

*Report an emergency: Dispatch/9-1-1
*Report a non-emergency: Dispatch/543-7074
*Chief of Police: 921-1000
*Contact an officer: 921-1000

Copies of police reports may be obtained at Shepherdsville Police Building located at 200 Frank E Simon Ave. Hours are Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. They can be picked up in four (4) business days after the report is taken. You can call 921-1000 to check on the status of a report.

Yes. The Police Department maintains a Speakers Program where Department personnel make presentations on a wide variety of public safety related subjects to community groups and organizations. Topics have included general issues involving the Police Department and the criminal justice system, residential/commercial crime prevention, school career days, K-9 demonstrations, personal protection, child abuse awareness/prevention, violence in the workplace, defensive driving/driver awareness, parenting, etc. For further information, contact the Chief of Police at 921-1000.

Local police and sheriffs departments generally do not solicit for donations over the telephone, however, some private organizations that have police officers as members do. If you have any questions about solicitations, call the Police Department prior to committing to any donations.

At any given time there are officers on the street. The Shepherdsville Police Department counts on the thousands of eyes from our citizens to alert us to unusual situations. Anytime someone calls, a dispatcher will take the information, ask questions, decide on what/whom to send, and the urgency of the call. We will respond to every call for service, though obviously, the less important calls may take some time to address. The Police Department appreciates your calls and we rely on you to assist us by calling us whenever you see anything that is suspicious or unusual. For any calls that you do not consider an emergency, please call Dispatch at 543-7074.

Having an alarm system is a matter of personal choice. Some people consider an alarm to be a deterrent to would-be thieves. Others feel that the alarm gives them added security when they are home or away. Alarm systems vary in cost, depending on what type of detection system is employed. Some components are readily available at home improvement centers for “do it yourself” installation. Many licensed alarm companies are listed in the phone book. We recommend that alarm buyers get at least two bids for the work, ask for references, and make sure there is training provided to everyone who will use the alarm system. False alarms waste police resources, so please choose a reputable company.

If you call the Police Department, advise the dispatcher of the problem. When a police officer is available, he/she will be sent out to your area for extra patrol and radar traffic enforcement. For further information, contact an officer at 921-1000.