City Council Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Meeting Information

If you would like to attend these meetings online, please use the information below:

May 11, 2020 at 6:30PM –Join the Special Council Meeting on Webex

Meeting number (access code): 628 853 300

Meeting password: fBE9GDJ2wi4 (32394352 from phones and video systems)


DateMeeting Type AgendaMinutesVideo
January 25, 2021Regular Council Meeting


DateMeeting Type AgendaMinutesVideo
November 23, 2020Regular Council Meeting
November 9, 2020Regular Council Meeting
October 26, 2020Regular Council Meeting
October 12, 2020Regular Council Meeting
September 28. 2020Regular Council Meeting
September 14, 2020Regular Council Meeting09-14-20 Meeting Minutes
September 02, 2020Special Council Meeting09-02-20 Meeting Minutes
August 24, 2020Regular Council Meeting08-24-20 Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2020Regular Council Meeting08-10-20 Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2020Regular Council Meeting
July 13, 2020Regular Council Meeting07-13-20 Meeting Minutes
May 26, 2020Special Council Meeting
March 03, 2020Regular Council Meeting
*technical difficulties
February 24, 2020 Regular Council Meeting02-24-20 Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2020 Regular Council Meeting02-10-20 Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2020Regular Council Meeting01-27-20 Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2020Regular Council Meeting01-13-20 Meeting Minutes


DateMeeting Type AgendaMinutesVideo
December 09, 2019Regular Council Meeting 12-09-19 Meeting Minutes
November 25, 2019Regular Council Meeting11-25-19 Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2019Special Council Meeting11-13-19 Meeting Minutes
October 28, 2019Regular Council Meeting10-28-19 Meeting Minutes
October 14, 2019Regular Council Meeting10-14-19 Meeting Minutes
September 18, 2019Special Council Meeting9-18-19 Special Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2019Special Council Meeting9-10-19 Special Meeting Minutes
September 09, 2019Regular Council Meeting9-09-19 Meeting Minutes
September 04, 2019Special Council Meeting9-04-19 Special Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2019Regular Council Meeting8-26-19 Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2019Regular Council Meeting8-12-19 Meeting Minutes
July 22, 2019Regular Council Meeting7-22-19 Meeting Minutes
July 08, 2019Regular Council Meeting7-8-19 Meeting Minutes
June 24, 2019Regular Council Meeting6-24-19 Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2019Special Council Meeting6-18-19 Special Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2019Regular Council Meeting6-13-19 Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2019Regular Council Meeting6-10-19 Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2019Regular Council Meeting5-23-19 Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2019Special Council Meeting5-21-19 Special Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2019Regular Council Meeting5-13-19 Meeting Minutes
April 24, 2019Special Council Meeting 4-24-19 Special Meeting Minutes
April 22, 2019Regular Council Meeting4-22-19 Meeting Minutes
April 08, 2019Regular Council Meeting4-08-19 Meeting Minutes
March 25, 2019Regular Council Meeting3-25-19 Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2019Special Council Meeting3-21-19 Special Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2019Regular Council Meeting3-11-19 Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2019Regular Council Meeting2-25-19 Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2019Regular Council Meeting2-11-19 Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2019Regular Council Meeting1-28-19 Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2019Regular Council Meeting1-14-19 Meeting Minutes